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Our icecream is made from all natural ingredients. The base uses milk, cream, sugar and eggs.  Nothing else.  We then add the bare minimum to the icecream to create our range of flavours.  Our lemon icecream uses lemons.  Our coffee icecream uses locally roasted espresso coffee.  No chemicals.  No fake flavours.

Gluten Free

We use gluten free ingredients in our icecream. And we can name EVERY ingredient that goes into the mix.  Our kitchen is not purely gluten free although we take all precautions in preparation of the icecream.  We serve our icecream in cups –  biodegradable and compostable (because we like it like that).

Seasonal Flavours

Living in Mansfield means that we are aware of the seasons.  Summer is all about berries and stone fruit.  Autumn is apples and figs.  That’s how our flavours run too.  You won’t be able to buy cherry icecream in the middle of Winter – because cherries grow in Summer.

DIY Flavours

For special occasions – birthdays, celebrations, weddings – we can work with you to create your own flavour.  Imagine the look on your guest’s faces when you serve up their favourite flavour?  Obviously there are some limitations but we would love to help you out!

Current Flavours – 

Vanilla bean
Blood orange & Chocolate – classic “Jaffa” flavour
Dutch Chocolate choc chip
Clarissa – coffee and honey.  A sell out favourite so be quick!
Vanilla Bean Choc chip
Strawdle – berry

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